Facts about Factoring


  • Monetizes a dormant asset on your Balance Sheet
  • It’s NOT a Loan
  • You are NEVER out of pocket Cash
  • Principal and Interest is paid back by Receivable collection
  • Never worry about having cash available for Payroll or Bills again
  • It is the cheapest Short Term Financing available for a Business
  • 80% Today, 20% less interest when Receivable is paid- Great for Cash Flow of a Business
  • Do not Annualize Interest Rate, you are only paying Interest on the cycle of the particular receivable you financed
  • Reduce your Interest by using your cash flow to pay down outstanding receivables financed if you do not need the cash flow
  • Very flexible tool- finance only what you need to
  • You can keep control over collections if you like or outsource the administration of collections- it’s your choice
  • You are providing liquidity to your clients also as they do not need to pay you immediately and as such, you can increase your pricing
  • Pay your suppliers quicker and negotiate down the cost by doing such
  • The Interest is Tax Deductible!!!!

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Facts about Factoring

Bob Alexander

Bob Alexander is President of Alexander Financial Solutions, LLC. He is an expert in obtaining Financing and Working Capital for Business Owners. AFS provides all Asset and Cash Flow Lending. Bob has global experience and proven Leadership skills in Risk Mitigation, Balance Sheet Management , Process Improvements, People Development, Infrastructure Builds and maximizing profitability.
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