Banks are still not lending to Small Business owners

Banks are still hesitant to lend to the Small Business community. Why? Banks are increasingly dealing with more regulations and guidelines in lending. While money is still cheap for Banks, the amount of capital they have to maintain and the process and regulations in which they can lend under are also continuing to be more tedious. As a result, many small community Banks are finding it difficult to exist much less lend. Most Banks are demanding collateral that a small business might not have. Many business owners are not properly prepared to for the long and painful process of applying. This is seen in lack of cash flow projections and the documentation demands required by banks. Many small business owners just don’t have the cash flow a Bank demands to qualify. The credit rating standards Banks demand are high and many Small Business owners have bad or no credit. Finally, small business loans are just not profitable. The amount of work a Bank must do on a small loan is comparable to a large loan. If you are a Banker, why not make more for the same amount of work. Don’t fret Small Business Owners! AFS can help. Our lenders do not have issues with all of the above. We can get you the funds you need to grow and thrive. Contact us today for our free advice on how to obtain the funds you need!!

Small Business owners

Bob Alexander

Bob Alexander is President of Alexander Financial Solutions, LLC. He is an expert in obtaining Financing and Working Capital for Business Owners. AFS provides all Asset and Cash Flow Lending. Bob has global experience and proven Leadership skills in Risk Mitigation, Balance Sheet Management , Process Improvements, People Development, Infrastructure Builds and maximizing profitability.
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